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Managed Services for GitHub CI/CD Pipeline & Lambda Deployments


 Pharma Company

Delivery Approach 

  • Setup a team with a mix of onshore / remote teams
  • Thorough review and analyses on Client’s problem statements
  • Conducted meetings and workshops with the Client to gather details about their current system architecture and business and system requirements.
  • Identified gaps and challenges that existed in the current state.
  • Requirement gathering on the specific requirements with to source control management and its integration with other AWS Services.
  • Pictorial design of Solution Architecture and process workflows for every major deliverables.
  • Delivered several POCs on containerized solutions and other critical development work.
  • Developed continuous delivery pipelines with adherence to clients DevOps Model for AWS Dev/Test/Prod Projects.
  • Provided Git Repository Management Solution
  • Monitoring and Reporting of GitHub Pipeline Execution with data transfer to Cloud Native Storage Service
  • Arranged training support sessions and created DevOps Handbook to ensure an effective availability management.
  • Configured SSO with Integration with MS Azure AD for User Access and Authentication
  • Arranged Weekly Governance Meeting with Client to review work activities over the week, address any call outs, identify any showstoppers, risk, and provide mitigation plan.


Developed a clear Implementation Plan itemizing key AWS components, resources and services required to meet the requirements.

ALB Routing with Lambda and CloudWatch – Hosting HTML Page & App on separate EC2 Instance, Integration of Lab Auto App with GitHub Runner, Configuration of NLB and ALB with respective Target groups.


  • Enhancements
  • Bug Fixes
  • Tech Support
  • Operational Excellence


  • Faster testing and code deployment speeding up time to market
  • Value added service to Client’s development team as our solutions automated all repetitive/menial tasks leading more time for innovation, agility and flexibility deal with future developments.
  • Increased teams Productivity
  • Secure Role based Access Control and authentication mechanism for users to meet security compliance requirements.