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Architecture for Molecular/Bio-Informatics Tech Infrastructure


Life Science/Pharma that specializes in innovating genetic medicines.


  • Non-standard existing Bioinformatics Infrastructure.Manual Installation of academic software applications and issues with dependencies. Inefficient File Transfer from on-prem to Cloud Environment and User Management. Insufficient capabilities for system/app integration.


  • Packages and dependency/artefact management
  • Automation of Software Application deployment and Installation
  • Enabling Identity and Access Management on System Infrastructure using Azure Active Directory.
  • Efficient, Secure and Automated File Transfer Process into the Cloud Environment.
  • Capabilities for System Integration e.g., ELN Notebook, Base Space and other ML tools.
  • Standard Process to manage the Installation of new software


*AWS Cloud   *Azure   *IAM   *DevOps  *Batch  *Batch/JSON


Time Savings and Quicker sequencing workflow analysis and value-added service to the organisation