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Automated Perfume Aerosol Testing – Cloud Native Solution


Tobacco Company


1 out of 5000 consumers are complaining about mild eye irritation and red eye symptoms post applying a specific perfume. If the root cause is not identified and rectified, this may affect the sales of other future product lines and company’s brand.

Manual Lab test Process involves Aerosol generation and dilution, Aerosol detection, and Comparing the Concentration


  • Designed a Cloud Native Solution using AWS. Ensured secure connectivity from on-prem lab to Cloud.
  • Developed a Code Pipeline to control environment temperature.
  • Data Ingestion into the Cloud Datalake for ETL purposes.
  • Processed data Stored for CI/CD pipeline triggered for multiple test iterations.
  • Data analytics for reporting/dashboarding.


*Python   *AWS   *REST API  *EventBridge


  • Provision of a visual data preparation framework tool which makes it easier for the Scientist to clean and normalize data for analytics and machine learning.
  • Consistent data patterns and data quality.
  • Easy data profiling and anomaly detection capabilities.