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Automatic Failover of Lab Automation Application Webpage


Heathcare company that provides life changing treatments


Client is looking for an automatic failover mechanism from the Lab Automation Application server to “Under Maintenance” HTML Website as a result of an on-going development activities by the Development Team


Developed a clear Implementation Plan itemizing key AWS components, resources and services required to meet the requirements.

ALB Routing with Lambda and CloudWatch – Hosting HTML Page & App on separate EC2 Instance, Integration of Lab Auto App with GitHub Runner, Configuration of NLB and ALB with respective Target groups.


*AWS  *Github  *SNS   *EC2   *ALB   *Lamba  *CloudWatch  *ACM


Whenever the Code Pipeline is triggered/fails for the purpose of code deployment/update release, all the key AWS resources work together to ensure the Lab Automation Application fails over to the HTML Static Web Server announcing the downtime to the Lab Scientist for awareness purposes.