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Client wants a managed service in the form of a User-initiated or scheduled file copy software, that has the ability to:-

Perform multi-step copies from (a) to (b) to (c) locations, have audit trails, copy using secure protocols, ability to rename copied files, and has a centralized management layer with limited coding by the Client, preferable point-and-click configuration.


Develop a Copier Framework to facilitate File Copy from S-drive ->  Autolus Enterprise GxP Repository (Microsoft Azure File Storage) with a copy in GMP Data File Store before copying to GxP Storage.

Leverage on Client’s Network Connectivity to deliver a Secure Data Transfer Solution.

Execute the Data Migration from S-drive to GxP Repository in Batches due to the limited Network Bandwidth available in Client’s Environment to ensure a successful data migration.

The Copier solution will be designed and enabled as a Self-Service


*Azure AD  *Linux   *Python   *SFTP


Automated, Secure, Reliable Data Transfer from on-prem to the Cloud Environment to enable the scientist progress with secondary and tertiary analysis.