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Validated Cloud Offering


  • The current state ecosystem was outdated and did not take advantage of state–of-the-art technologies/solutions to implement infrastructure as a Code for the benefit of Cloud Software Validation
  • Lack of understanding on the multiple cloud service provisioning models.
  • Inadequate knowledge in Security and Shared Operational Model across multiple cloud service providers.
  • They do not have reliable tools or systems to validate if a software/application is installed correctly, meets its design requirements and specifications and operates the way in which it was designed under load.


  • Aligned output from above to potential cloud service provider with pointers to reducing infrastructure costs, provides flexibility and efficiency in a cost-effective way.
  • Created a Master Validation Plan and Report based on client GxP Compliant Requirements.
  • Produced a simple and clear validation test plan, Installation and Operational Qualification Test Cases to IQ testing which demonstrates and confirms that the cloud software is installed according to approved specifications.
  • Also, to verify that the software consistently works according to the intended use.
  • Designed a solution architecture to reflecting the functional tests in a quality (CI/CD Pipeline with configured business rules) environment before the release of the production environment.
  • Cost benefit analysis provided leadership with confidence and visibility to future state.


  • Conducted meetings and workshops with the Client to gather details about their current architecture and business and system requirements.
  • Identified gaps and challenges that existed in the current state.
  • Requirement gathering on the specific desired configuration/rules to meet targeted compliance requirements.
  • Understood the type of the GxP Compliance that matters to the business
  • Conducted workshops with the Business leadership team to understand the bigger picture for the future


Achieved consistent and reliable IQ and client was able to meet the required Compliance requirements.